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All parents are invited to attend a Safeguarding Evening on Thursday from 6.00pm until 7.00pm at St Dunstan’s School.
The evening will have important information on Safeguarding and E-Safety.


St Dunstan’s is a special place to learn. The ethos for learning is very strong. This is generated through a skilled and strong team of staff with students that are engaged, wellbehaved and focused on learning.

St Dunstan’s is a small school and this is a strength. Students and families are well known and the pastoral care is excellent. GCSE classes are often quite small and this supports the students in achieving very strong value added outcomes. In 2015 the value added score was 1013 against a national figure of 1000. This means, across a students’ best 10 GCSE grades, they get 4 grades better than expected when compared to national results.



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St Dunstan’s School | Wells Road | Glastonbury | BA6 9BY