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Due to overnight weather conditions the school will open at 11am today, Monday 19 March

Progression Project - Whitefang


St Dunstan’s have been working closely with local primary schools to develop a progression project between Years 6 and 7.  In English, students have worked on the first three chapters of the novel Whitefang by Jack London to explore how authors create atmosphere, description and dialogue.  Having understood how Jack London uses language and structure effectively, Year 7 have written their own creative pieces inspired by the novel.

Wells Literature Festival have very generously donated enough copies of Whitefang for the whole year group to enjoy.  We are very excited as many students this year have been keen to read the whole novel.  For next year and future years, students will be able to relish the story without having to wait for someone else to finish with it! 

Many thanks to the Wells Literature Festival.