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Due to overnight weather conditions the school will open at 11am today, Monday 19 March

Hinkley Point Tour


Year 9  Aspire students have been fortunate to visit Hinkley Point’s EDF Visitors Centre and have a tour around Hinkley Point B.

This was a great opportunity for students to gain an understanding about Hinkley Point and how this nuclear power station works; students will study this topic as part of the GCSE syllabus. Students listened to an interesting presentation which gave them a brief overview of sites A, B and C at Hinkley Point.  Additionally, upcoming job opportunities at site C were discussed which will be completed in 2025.
The tour itself was fascinating. Students were taken through the turbine hall where they were able to see the electricity output from Hinkley B. They then took the lift to the 10th floor and were shown the rods where the uranium is housed. Students observed the control room which looked like something from a Sci-Fi film and finally were able to witness workers suited up in the radioactive suits ready to go and maintain the boilers in the power station.  
The students were a credit to the school and they engaged and participated positively throughout.  The school would like to thank the staff at Hinkley Point for their time and giving the students the opportunity to see how power stations operate.