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Year 10 Parents’ Evening, Thursday 4 April, 4-7 pm


Important message on the new Snapchat update called ‘Snap Map’

Last week Snapchat launched a new feature called ‘Snap Map’. This feature allows you to see the exact location of your friends. This is a serious concern as it could open children up to predators.

If your child uses Snapchat, to keep them safe, we urge you to make sure your childs location is disabled by switching to ‘Ghost Mode’.


Open Snapchat on the camera screen.

Use two fingers to squeeze the camera screen toward the centre – this is where your Snap Map is located. Here you will see your Bitmoji.

Click on it and your settings will appear at the bottom. Click there to enable ‘Ghost Mode’. Alternatively, click onto the cog icon in the top right and toggle on “Ghost Mode” so friends can’t see your location. It will remove your last known location on the map and prevent it from showing up at all anymore.

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