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Vision and Values


“Creating the future through the power of learning”


To create a centre of educational excellence that meets the needs and interests of all children, parents/carers, staff & community; sharing resources and developing leading practice within the school and with other schools and the local community.
To promote and encourage participation in a wide range of activities in and outside the classroom in order to develop creativity and maximise the opportunities for all learners to achieve their full potential.

Promoting British Values


St Dunstan’s School is a sustainable learning community where:

We are committed to creating an environment based on mutual respect , honesty, fairness and responsibility
We work in partnership to deliver a wide range of high quality, relevant learning opportunities, raise standards and shape the future.
All individuals are valued and become successful, confident, responsible, supportive, reflective citizens inspired to do their best.


In seeking to realise our vision we will adhere to the following core values:

Integrity and Professionalism – We meet our legal obligations and take full responsibility for our decisions and actions. We act with honesty and openness at all times, including sharing both our successes and mistakes. We make a positive contribution to the social and economic well-being of the community in which we operate.
Commitment and Care – Individuals are empowered to develop and use their skills and abilities to the full. They are recognised and rewarded for taking the initiative to improve the way we work. Clear performance objectives are established and regular, constructive and timely feedback on performance is provided. Team work is encouraged. All individuals are treated with fairness, trust and respect. Their safety and well-being is our prime concern.
Equality of Opportunity – We are committed to equality of opportunity and the elimination of discrimination at all levels. We meet the needs of all individuals and respect everyone equally while recognising and celebrating their differences. We value all achievement whether academic, cultural, practical or sporting. We prepare pupils for life with skills and qualifications for employment and citizenship. We promote education as a lifelong process accessed by people at different times in different ways.
Innovation and Improvement – We have high expectations of ourselves and others. We encourage all actions that have a positive impact on the quality and efficiency of the organisation. We seek continual improvement and are innovative in finding new ways for learners to learn well.

Success Criteria -

Meeting the Key Attainment, Achievement and Attendance Targets specified.


Quality Strategy – Providing a standard of service which consistently satisfies the changing needs of all our stakeholders
Employment Strategy – Employing staff appropriate to the needs of the organisation, enabling them to develop and recognise the contribution of each of them to the success of the school
Accountability Strategy – Rigorous measures in place to ensure that all stakeholders fulfil their roles and responsibilities effectively and carry out the actions expected of them.
Marketing Strategy – Adopting a focused approach to promoting the work and opportunities available at the school in the wider community
Business Development Strategy – Seeking developmental opportunities that support our key priorities and offer good rates of return.